Thursday, July 28, 2011

Negotiation Skills Training in Chennai, India

Negotiation Skills Training in Chennai, India.
Date 5th August 2011

For Registration to the workshop, contact Jashmi on 9820850522 or Sachin on 9673004732

You will learn how to strive for a win-win situation.

You will develop your ability to attain maximum results and at the same time have satisfied customers.

You will learn how to deal with emotions and non - rational arguments.

Difference between selling and negotiating?
Which alternatives do you have?
What are buyers thinking?
Things you need to know prior to negotiations?
How to react to behaviour of others around the negotiating table
How to negotiate at home and away?
When to start negotiations, and what to discuss?
Which table position gives the best results?
Which eight negotiation techniques do you need to possess?
How to read and capitalise on non-verbal behaviour?
How to listen better and be more effective?
When to emphasize value?
When to make concessions?
How to negotiate as a team?
When to take a time-out?
How to conclude negotiations?

Approach: A sequence of discussions, interaction and practical exercises.

DURATION: One day.


Jashmi on 9820850522 
Sachin on 9673004732


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Attend the Negotiation Skills Training in Chennai, India on 5th August.

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